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Year 6 - Home Learning resources and ideas

IMPORTANT LEAVERS' LETTER for Parents! ...this will be emailed to you too!

Welcome to Year 6

May I present to you the Class of 2020!

Manadon Leavers

Be The Best That You Can Be


Please remember to keep these for your own personal use. Volume up! Tissues ready! 


The FINAL Home Learning Work for the week beginning 6th July...we'll hopefully see you all for your last day on Monday 13th July or Tuesday 14th July

A huge thank you to Claudia who has won £50 in a gardening competition to spend on the school nature area! Thank you to dad and Lucy too for helping put up the bird boxes, hedgehog house and bee home! Thank you xxx

Hello Year 6! This is your home learning for the week beginning 29th June. Enjoy! We hope you see you all in the next few weeks! xxx

Review of Year 5 Science Curriculum

Hi Year 6! Here are the home-learning activities for the week starting Monday 22nd June. Enjoy your learning and stay safe!

Week Beginning - Monday 15th June

Hello Year 6! Here are the learning resources for you, if you are continuing to learn from home this week. 


DVD permission (in case you return to school before the end of term)

This week's SPAG paper and Reading Comprehension (choose your challenge!)

Hi Year 6! 

Here are the activities/tasks for home learning for Week Beginning Monday 8th June.

Have a lovely week and keep yourselves happy and safe!

Love from The Year 6 Team! xxx

Anne Frank Reading Comprehension set - choose your level of challenge and no peeping at the answers until you've finished!

'Murder at the Spag Bol!'

Theme Park Maths - complete as much as you can...we will only aim to get as far as Tasks 4 or 5 at school!

Hello Year 6!

We hope you have enjoyed a lovely half term in the glorious sunshine!

We are really looking forward to being back with you on Tuesday! We've really missed you!

Please find below a couple of activities to do if you are continuing to learn from home!

Stay safe and keep smiling! xxx 

Happy half term, Year 6!


Thank you for all of the wonderful learning you have shared with us during the past 6 weeks since we 'went back to school' after the Easter have worked very hard and we have loved seeing all of the different activities you have been filling your days with. 


Now, it is time for you to have a very well-deserved break/week off before the final stretch of your primary school journey!


Enjoy the sunshine in your gardens and on your walks/cycle rides. Relax and keep smiling!


Keep yourselves safe - we miss you!


Lots of love from,


Mrs Llewellyn, Miss York and Mrs Masters. 



Frankie has written his letter to his teenage self reminding himself of the dangers of smoking and enjoyed thinking about where he would hide away if he had to do the same as Anne Frank! Super effort!

Such an amazing range of home learning from Rosie.

I just love the chalk flag that Rosie created to celebrate VE Day - it is such a difficult flag to draw and colour accurately! Wow, Rosie!

Rosie has enjoyed such a wide range of learning during Lockdown - flute playing, Spanish, cooking and using a sewing machine to make very professional craft work! Those rabbits look so cuddly!

Rosie has enjoyed a local Easter Egg Hunt and is clearly an amazing cook! Your photos are making me very hungry, Rosie! The ambulance was for dad after a DIY injury... but he's fine now!

Lola's enjoyed the home learning activities this week. I especially love her artwork - balloons to signify lives lost but using bright colours to remember them!

CJ set up a brilliant multi-skills challenge!

Still image for this video

Lots of fantastic home learning from CJ and his brothers!

Rowan has practised and refined his sketching skills linked to the WW2 topic!

Lucy's range of home learning this week - including some great portrait artwork! You are developing those sketching skills Lucy!

George has made this thoughtful piece of artwork - each stitch equals 100 civilians from Plymouth who died and the cross equals every arm forces member from Plymouth who died.

Naomi's brilliant letter to her future teenage self. Her mum is going to keep it in an envelope just in case she ever needs to remind her!

Bradley's range of home learning this week! He's been enjoying the Science and History! Fantastic effort!

Bethany has had a busy week! Excellent effort as always with her home learning and this week she even made a cuckoo clock!

Naomi made a beautiful Star of David (the Jewish/Holocaust symbol) out of natural materials.

Dean's 'No Smoking' poster!

Albaraa's letter to his future teenage self, convincing himself not to start smoking...

Naomi has been learning how to use a sewing machine.

Will's letter to his teenage self to warn of the dangers of smoking!

Lucy has put together an incredible project about Auschwitz! Your time, attention to detail and effort is really evident and you should be applauded!!! A huge well done!

Rowan's letter to his teenage self to warn of the dangers of smoking!

Rowan also created a poster to warn of the dangers of smoking!

Naomi and Zac were also determined to complete the Schools' Challenge! Naomi beat her previous best time for a mile by an incredible 23 seconds!

Bethany and her family were determined to complete the Half Marathon Challenge! Last mile achieved at the weekend! Great effort!!

Home Learning - week beginning 11th May

Hello Year 6! This seems very strange and surreal setting home learning activities for this particular week as it would have been your' SATs Week'. You had all worked so hard this year to rise to the challenge of these SATs tests and it seems so unfair not to now complete them - we know you would have smashed them too!

I expect most of you are more disappointed about the SATs breakfast! I'd be shopping today (Sunday) for all the lovely fruits, croissants and the favourite - NUTELLA!

Our first home learning activity is the actual homework we would have set for you this week as you do deserve to do it! So take a look below...


SATs Week home learning

Frankie's had a busy week with his home learing! A stunning silhouette picture and a quick dip at Cadover Bridge - lovely!!! xx

I love this tank silhouette from Rowan! What a great idea!

Important and beautifully presented science learning from Joseph.

Bethany's Auschwitz Report! I enjoyed reading this, especially the quote from your dad who has been there!

Bethany's worked hard this week with all aspects of her home learning! Now to enjoy the weekend!...

Lola's spitfire silhouette - I love the formation of the planes! Reminds me of the Red Arrows!

Super effort from Maisie with this week's learning! So proud of your hard work young lady!

Another brilliant week of home learning from Naomi.

CJ has made a poster to discourage people from smoking! Well done!

Super science learning and a terrific diamante poem from Macie!

What a descriptive piece of writing, Albaraa.

Will made a delicious meringue dessert! Looks so delicious!!!

Rowan's mix of home learning this week! Super effort young man!

Bradley has produced a very effective WW2 silhouette picture! I know you love art!!!

A huge shout out to Bethany who has read a staggering 90 books since being in Year 6!! Amazing achievement! You were so determined to reach this target! I'm very proud of you! I wonder what your 91st book will be? xx

Will's 'Out of Control' writing clearly inspired by his favourite cartoon character!...Only Joking Will - this made me smile!!!!

Noah C has been making the most of being outside! He camped in the garden for his birthday, made his own bow and arrow and created the most amazing patriotic T shirt to help him to celebrate VE day!

Noah was very creative and put his own sporting slant on the silhouette art! It is so effective, Noah!

Grace's has made a beautiful WW2 picture and found out lots of facts about smoking

Will has been putting his artskills to good effect! A talented artist! He's also been busy completing his WW2 and Science learning! Great effort!

Lucy has created a beautiful silhouette picture! Stunningly effective!

Another stunning piece of WW2 art from Harry G. His dog also wanted to be in the photo!

Superb WW2 silhouette art from Nathaniel - such beautiful colours.

Agsheyan has been busy making a cake! You look very professional there, Agsheyan!

Joseph was so clever with this stunning WW2 art work - he put the plane on little paper springs to make it 3D! What an effective idea, Joseph!

Noah Ed. has produced a fabulous WW2 silhouette piece of artwork!

What a stunning WW2 silhouette from Coran Jude - you must save it to frame, CJ.

Look at all of this amazing home learning from Harry! Well done, young man!

A fantastic range of home learning from Chloe. Look out for a beautiful dog called Dory celebrating his 5th birthday as well!

Noah's amazing lego tensegrity - he will explain!

Still image for this video

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe) this friday with a 'Stay At Home - Garden Party'. Perhaps wear red, white and blue! Send us your photos as we remember this very special day in history!

What a lovely photo of CJ celebrating VE Day!

Lucy's diamonte poem is very clever combining the comparisons of the two species!

Frankie has enjoyed the WW2 and Science learning this week! He's also kept on top of maths and english work too! Super effort!

Albaraa found the maths dice games challenging and fun!

Naomi made her own model spitfire and enjoyed some war time cooking - a steamed chocolate pudding!

Naomi has set herself the target of beating her already amazing time for a one mile run!

Naomi and her brother had a lot of fun making their own bomb shelter!

Naomi wrote a terrific diamante poem and compared our Lockdown restrictions with those of WW2

Noah has enjoyed some extra, independent maths learning this week and combined his diamonte poetry work with WW2 - I love your spitfire drawing!

Bradley has enjoyed his home learning for this week. I particularly love your lockdown artwork! Very creative Bradley!

Maisie has enjoyed the WW2 learning this week and has learned the parts of the eye! Superb effort Maisie!

Lucy has learned the parts of the eye! A clearly, labelled diagram Lucy!

Rowan has enjoyed the science learning about the parts of the eye! Mum tested him too! Excellent!

Noah is enjoying the WW2 topic and is ready for VE day tomorrow with flags and a spitfire model!

Bethany has had a busy week with Science, Maths, Art, Spanish and History! Excellent effort and your work is always so neatly presented.

Albaraa has really understood how to construct a diamante poem. What a great diamante poem of your own, Albaraa - so topical too!

Rowan has presented the facts about 'The Rise of the Nazis' in a zigzag book!

Dean has enjoyed learning about the eye and drawing the spitfire plane

Thomas has been busy learning all about the eye and how we see things!

Rowan has found learning about VE day and food rationing really interesting!

James and his brother Joe are learning about WW2 (75th VE celebration this friday!) with a real, historical air raid shelter in their garden! What a fantastic resource to have!

Lucy sent letters to her Uncles last week and has received letters back from them! How lovely!

How clever of Macie to combine her science learning with some more beautiful art!

Ashlee has made a powerpoint thanking the NHS!

Home Learning - week beginning 27th April 


Dominic and Thalia have made their handprint artwork into picture frames - what a lovely idea!

Thomas' home learning this week! Super effort!

Maisie had a great week with her home learning! A letter for Lola P as part of her english! How thoughtful!

Rowan has been practising his spanish!

Noah Ea. has had a really busy week - even Fox watching in the garden! Fantastic!

Will's enjoyed creating his zig zag book for The Rise of the Nazi's - fantastic presentation!

Josh has been busy with his maths learning and making eggy bread for lunch - my favourite!!!

Lucy's beautifully presented Road's End story and Hitler Zig Zag book - great effort!

Bethany's beautiful butterflies

Rowan's artwork and family boardgame! Who won?

Frankie has been working hard on his english, maths and spanish home learning!

Bethany's been busy this week with a range of home learning - such a clear rainbow made, a handprint, memorable keepsake and letters to loved ones!

For the english task, Lola P made lucky charms and letters for each of her neighbours! What a thoughtful idea! They will love receiving these!

Rowan has enjoyed learning the colours of the rainbow in Spanish and how a rainbow is made!

Will has written a letter to his friends in Alabama in America - they will love hearing from you!!!

Naomi and her family got healthily competitive with the multi-skill challenge!

Watch these amazing video clips of Naomi and her brother undertaking their hopped sock ladder challenge!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Well done, Albaraa, for this super science learning

Naomi took part in the '26 challenge' over the weekend - she did an outstanding 26 walkovers in a row! Miss Y won't be attempting even 1!!!...especially not at the moment!

Still image for this video

A lovely letter from Macie to her cousins

Bradley's 'The Rise of the Nazi's' zigzag book - beautifully presented!

Rowan's Diary Entry...


Diary Friday 10th April 2020-Lockdown Day25.

Today, April 10th it’s my birthday yeah! and it is also lockdown so there is not much places to go as everything is shut. But it was still really fun. In the morning I woke up happy as ever and woke everyone up to remind them it was my birthday (even though they knew) we got dressed and went downstairs to open my presents, I was really excited. I finished opening my presents and then we went to the field to play football, but we could not stay long as you can only stay out for an hour.
As soon as we got home I jumped into my pool as I was hot from playing football and the weather was lovely, we had a mini heatwave. I played in the garden and in the pool for a while to cool down, until tea time came. We had pizza from Papa Johns as a birthday treat and then i had my cake which was a chocolate galaxy. Normally on my birthday and everyone’s birthday the family come around for cake, but because it’s isolation they were all on a face time call so they could watch me blow the candles out. They were then disappointed as they couldn’t have any cake but me, Mum Nick and my brothers enjoyed it. After cake  I played Xbox with my friends for a little while. I then came downstairs and watched a WW2 film called The boy in stripped pyjamas.
After the film it was late so I went to bed and thought of how fun my day was. We do not know how long this will last in quarantine,  but I’m sure it will be a good memory when it ends. As long as we keep safe.


Noah's Ed's COVID 19 keepsake art!

Evie's been enjoying nature, climbing trees and taking some beautiful photos

Noah has made a great start to this week - his letter is on its way and he's also had some creative fun with cooking and his hair!

Joseph has become an expert pasty-maker! The initials are such a cool idea! Miss York's grandma used to do exactly the same thing!

Naomi's family had a theme day, researching about why the Australians and New Zealanders celebrate Anzac Day - the Anzac biscuits looked delicious!

Just a little reminder that on this Thursday (23rd April), our school and the other Connect schools are having a special 'Superhero Day'! Mrs Ryder emailed a letter out about this last week. It is linked to a national fundraising night where Children in Need and Comic Relief combine to raise money for our heroic NHS.  On that day we would love you to do something at home that celebrates your favourite superhero. It may be that you can dress up in a superhero costume – be that a fictional hero (spiderman, batman etc) or in a nurse/doctor/teacher/or other key worker uniform. Have a big think - can you be creative? If there are no costumes in the house – please don't worry at all! Drawings or messages written to heroes (again, fictional or real life!) would be great too and another way of joining in.

We would love you to get someone at home to take a photo/short video of you in your costume or holding your pictures/ messages. If you are happy for your photos/videos to be shared, these can be sent to the Year 6 teachers at our usual email addresses 

or sent to the school admin email address ( or sent to Mrs Ryder at her email address (  

We think you are all superheroes too, for keeping yourselves safe, healthy, happy and also keeping up your learning during this strange time. We miss all our Year 6 superheroes so much! Love from Miss York, Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Masters. xxx

Here we go, Year 6, another variety of activities for a week of exciting home learning! We hope you enjoy them! Please don't worry if you can't complete them all - we understand that some of you might have more adult help and time at home than others. Some families' adults will be still going out to work and some of them will be trying to work at home as well as looking after you! We know that it might be tricky. Please just try to keep the learning going and do what you can...there are lots of different tasks to choose from. You might even still want to finish some learning from last week and that is fine too...just don't get bored and lose those skills you've worked so hard to build up. You are also sharing lots of wonderful learning with your families which isn't set on here - cooking, camping, walking, gardening, singing etc. We love this too! Most of all, remember to look after yourselves and stay happy - we miss you so much and the most important thing to us is that you and your families are okay. Lots of love from Mrs Llewellyn, Miss York and Mrs Masters xxx

Lola P. has completed the music task, the nature art and tracked her shadow tower through the day! Well done Lola!

George has been polishing up on his carpentry skills!

Grace's presentation about Adolf Hitler

Look at Nathaniel's home learning - he's been busy and creative!

Claudia's home learning activities!...

Maisie has been very busy this week!

Bethany wrote a Corona Virus acrostic poem and has been busy with the home learning!

George has been busy over the last few weeks - handy help in the home and enjoying the sunshine!

Yesterday was St George's Day. Naomi and her family researched about St George, made origami dragons and then used these to create their own amazing movie!

Still image for this video

Here is Naomi's brilliant origami dragon...ready for George to fight!

Look at our amazing gymnast, Joseph! I wish Miss York could bend like that!

Grace has been busy in the kitchen, cooking delicious pizza!


Nathaniel's shadow tower science investigation - look at his detailed recording and accurate predictions!

Naomi's shadow science investigation

Rowan's Shadow Science...

Noah made a shadow tower and tracked the position and size throughout the day.

Naomi, Zac and their dad turned the rhythm square activity into an orchestral performance! Wow! You kept to a steady pulse too, which isn't easy!

Still image for this video

Naomi enhancing her maths skills with some very impressive halving! What a great idea, Naomi!

Naomi used an old magazine to create this beautiful Easter-themed collage.

Naomi and Zac keeping fit with a game of gladiators!

Adolf Hitler Research

Lola P's Adolf Research!

Noah has cooked delicious banana cake...yummy!!!

Wow, George - this is very clever and entertaining!

Still image for this video
It's Friday and we just want to say a huge well done for all the photos and emails that you have sent us, showing us the amazing learning that has happened this week. It's been so lovely to hear from you/your parents and know that you are keeping safe, happy and healthy with your families - that's the most important thing! heart

The Day the Crayons Quit by Year 6

Can You Prove That Light Travels in Straight Lines?

WW2 - How did it all begin?

Claudia has been very busy completing lots of home learning! Excellent effort! Busy girl!

Beautiful World War 2 art work from Coran-Jude. I love the colours.

Harry has been busy baking and drawing! So lovely to see!

James has been busy setting up a fitness bleep test for his family and his street! Love this!!!

Nathan has written a piece of descriptive writing about Dracula based on a short animation from The Literacy Shed

Evie has been busy crafting and creating lots of fabulous artwork. She's brightened up her garden, with some beautifully painted garden animals!


George has looked into the Pi far as 250 decimal places!!

Naomi and her brother had a fantastic camping their own garden! They followed the instructions to put up the tent by themselves! Those toasted marshmallows look amazing!

With his beautiful Victoria sponge, Geaorge is through to the next round of Masterchef!!

A really informative piece of research about Coronavirus - thank you, Macie, I learnt such a lot from this. You've worked really hard.

Will preparing for his audition on 'The Great British Bake Off'!

Joseph has been improving his cookery skills! These Easter nests look delicious, Joseph...especially to Miss York after she gave up chocolate for the whole of Lent!

Lucy has produced two beautiful drawings - Well done! These are so accurately and carefully drawn!

Macie has been practising her sketching skills - a beautiful portrait!

Bethany and her dad joined thousands of other musicians across the country (and Miss York!) to play 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' at 8pm on Thursday evening as part of the weekly recognition of our amazing NHS and Key Workers. Absolutely beautiful playing, Bethany - I can't believe that you first looked at the music that day! What a special musical moment to be a part of.

Still image for this video

Easter Egg Hunt 

Can you create an easter egg picture (painting/collage/drawing) to place in your window - alongside your rainbows! 

How many eggs can you spot whilst out for a walk or bike ride with your family? 

Wishing you and your families a very happy, safe and healthy Easter weekend!


Stunning artwork from Thalia - how many of you have rainbows in your windows?

Fantastic effort from Noah Ea. You have been busy! Well done!

Bradley has been very busy with his Science and Art learning - super effort!

Naomi and her brother Zac have been using the Easter holidays to build on their cookery skills! As well as cooking (and eating!) a delicious-looking vegetable lasagne, they even made their very own mozzarella cheese and wrote about the process - wow!

Bethany Pong Coding.mp4

Still image for this video
Bethany has been coding her own game based on the old computer game called Pong.

Rowan has completed the Science Challenge to see how exercise affects the heart rate - what conclusion can you draw from his results?

Family Hayward are enjoying their camping trip over the Easter Holiday - change of venue to the garden!

Science Challenge:

To complete our topic on 'The Heart and Circulatory System', we had two more objectives left to cover:

* How does the pumping of the heart (pulse rate) change with exercise?

*We know our heart carries blood, but it also carries nutrients from the food we eat. This links to 'The Digestive System' that you covered in Year 4.

1. Below you will find a recording sheet to complete to show how your pulse rate changes with exercise and then a graph to complete once you have your results. You can find your pulse easily in your neck to one side or on your wrist - use your first three fingers to press gently against the skin - ask an adult to help you if you can't find it - it will be there!!!

2. You will also find below a powerpoint about the digestive system. At the end of the powerpoint there is a poster to complete and a dominoes game to put the digestive system in order (this resource is also attached below).

Remember to email us any work that you do, so that we can post it on the page.


Here you go Year 6 - an Easter challenge! You'll need those learning values of perseverance and resilience! Feel free to get grown-ups/brothers and sisters involved too!

Daffodil Art challenge - Can you paint a daffodil or tulip? Bethany and I had a lovely, sunny painting session - let's see what you can produce...

Hello Year 6! 

A little challenge for you! My leg brace has now moved to 70 degrees! Yippee...I am gradually getting more bendy again!

Can you find anything in your house or garden which looks roughly like a 70 degree angle?...just an estimate, I'm not expecting you to measure it! Be warned, it is tricky!...most things have lots of right angles! I have found 2 examples in my house! 

Miss you so much 6Y and 6L! I even miss Mrs Llewellyn! Keep smiling!

Miss Y xxxxx

Year 6 - you have been amazing today!

What an unforgettable Greek Day 2020! Huge thank you for putting smiles on all our faces and a big well done to your families for supporting this today! I'm so proud of you! 

Team Year 6 MVPS is just the best! wink heart yes

Well done, Harry!

Still image for this video

Terrific Noah!

Still image for this video

Brilliant, Maisie!

Still image for this video

Great performance, CJ!

Still image for this video

Year 6 Greek Day CAN and WILL still happen on Wednesday 25th March! For anyone who has their costume ready - put it on! I will be!!! Then below is a list of ideas you may wish to complete:

* make a laurel leaf crown

* design a new Greek pot 

*write a message using the Greek Alphabet

*if shopping allows, try some Greek foods: olives, figs, dates, houmous, taramasalata, tzatziki, pitta, feta...

*record yourself reciting a scene from our class assembly - which couldn't happen!!! 

*Which Greek God/Goddess are you most like, and why?

*Find out about the famous Greek Archimedes - what did he discover and invent?

*Write a 50 word summary of any Greek myth.

*Can you make an origami creation of the 5 Olympic rings?

TAKE photos and email them to me and I'll upload them on our class page and put a few on the facebook page! 

Oh I'm excited already! The challenge is on - Greek Day at Home!


Mrs L xxx

Good morning, Year 6! 

So, to make you laugh...can you picture Miss York trying to do today's Joe Wicks daily workout from her chair, with her leg up!?! It had to be seen to be believed! At least I tried!


I know you have so much learning already on here and in your work packs so please don't feel overwhelmed by it all! Just keep doing little chunks to keep those brilliant Maths and English skills is very nearly the Easter holidays now anyway and you will need a rest! The weather is beautiful at the moment (aren't we lucky!) so try to get out in the garden if you can - sunshine and smiles go together! I'm going to, somehow, aim to get myself helped outside for a few rays and healthy dose of vitamin D later on! Apparently, vitamin D is great for mending broken legs! Yippee!


Lots of children all over the country are making rainbow pictures at the moment - you might have heard about it. They are putting them up in their windows so that if other children go out for a walk with their family they can count them. What a lovely idea! How about making your own rainbow? Find out the colour order first - make up a little acrostic nonsense rhyme to help you to remember the order! You could draw or paint your rainbow but, since you are Year 6 and very creative children, can you make a more original rainbow?... maybe out of lego or beads, or a collage from little coloured pieces of paper cut from an old magazine/catalogue (think about when we made our ocean plastic pollution sea life pictures), or using an artistic combination of coloured pens/pencils and paint? Perhaps you could be very clever and make the green arc out of little bits of leaves/grass stuck on? Just please don't upset whoever does the gardening! Maybe you could have a whole rainbow-themed day one day this week? You could research about how a rainbow is formed and also write an acrostic poem where each letter of the word rainbow starts a line. Bizarrely, the word rainbow has 7 letters and a rainbow has 7 colours - each line could describe a different colour! If you do write a rainbow poem, email it to me - I'd love to read them!


Have a fun, sunny week of learning, Year 6!

Lots of love and rainbows from Miss Y xxx

Good Morning Year 6! 

What a very different Monday morning! I hope you have made yourself busy this morning completing a few activities! 

Did anyone do the Joe Wicks PE lesson on YouTube? He is going to do a live 30 minute workout Monday - Friday 9-9.30am! Jack, Bethany and I tuned in and worked out this morning! I really recommend this! A fun way to keep fit! 

Also, I've been sent a link from Bethany to say that 'Western Approaches UK - The battle of the Atlantic Experience' on Wednesday 25th March 1-2pm are going to stream a live history lesson from a secret WW2 bunker in Liverpool! - check it out! You'll all be WW2 experts soon! 

The weather is shining! So I hope you can spend time in the garden - perhaps paint or draw some plants that are growing or design a natural sculpture out of materials you can find! 

Keep in touch! 

Love Mrs L xxx

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below a letter which explains extra learning opportunities that your child can do during the Easter break, if not before! They have their Easter pack of SATs test papers already, which they can keep 'chipping' away at - little and often is the best way! The letter provides some links to some great websites where resources to support learning will be available online and to print.

Thank you so much for your on-going support,

Best Wishes,

The Year 6 Team xxx

If you are in the Harmony Choir (or just enjoy singing!), there are lots of (Vocality) singing resources on the Music page too! Find them in Key Information - Curriculum - Music! Enjoy!

Dear Year 6 pupils,

I'm so sorry I had to leave suddenly at the end of lunch on Tuesday to pick up my poorly daughter from school but I know you have been in such safe hands with Mrs Masters, Mrs Hooper, Mrs Lumsden and Mrs Davenport - they are superheroes in my view!

You have your packs already to keep you busy at home and above this message is a letter with links for online activities you can access. Keep working hard - I am so proud of the journey we have had together this year so far and every single one of you has made so much progress.  

Keep smiling and I will see you soon!

Lots of love, Mrs Llewellyn xxxx

email:            (You will have to spell my surname correct!!!!)

Dear Year 6 pupils,

I know exactly how Mrs Llewellyn feels - you know from my previous emails to you all just how much I am missing you and hate not being with you. I am so proud of how the entire Year 6 team (the grown ups and every single one of you) has pulled together in the past month whilst I have been sat here nursing a poorly and broken leg! I am gradually healing and busy developing new levels of patience (the people in my house may disagree!?)...see, I am still making progress too, just a bit slower than you clever bunch! I feel very lucky that I have your wonderful 'Get Well' book of photos and letters so it almost feels like I still see you every single day! You have plenty of activities already taken home and listed in the letter above to keep you busy and continue that fantastic learning. You have achieved such amazing progress already this year so keep that going, Year 6! I do miss your beautiful smiles but keep using them!

Lots of love,

Miss York xxxx


(much easier to spell!)

Dear Year 6,

I just want to say a huge thank you to you all, for being so totally fantastic. This has been a very strange term indeed but you've shown great resilience and have persevered throughout, working hard and staying positive. You have all achieved such amazing progress so far this year. Please use the resources available, to practise the skills and keep that learning going. You are all absolutely amazing and we will miss you so much!

Please stay in touch and ask for help if you need it.

Lots of Love and see you all soon!

Mrs Masters






Year 6 Team

Mrs Llewellyn - 6L

Miss York - 6Y

Mrs Masters - English/Maths set 

Mrs Hooper - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Davenport - 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lumsden - 1:1 Support Teaching Assistant



Welcome to Year 6! Let's make some memories this year...

Welcome to Year 6 Letter

Greek Day Date and Information and Class Assembly Information



Here is a quick overview of our topics for the year:


Autumn Term - 'The Big Bang' Evolution, Adaptation and Dinosaurs 

Spring Term - 'It's All Greek To Me' Ancient Greece, Micro-organisms, Heart and Circulatory system, Healthy Me

Summer Term - 'Spitfires and Sweethearts' World War 2, Light and Electricity, Sex Education




RE Overview of Objectives


In year 6 we have been learning all about the heart and the circulatory system with a visit from Mr Gage, Science teacher at Lipson Community College...

In year 6 today we had a visitor in to talk to us about the importance of E-safety

We had a great time today in year 6 with PC Graeme Kirkup learning all about genetics & forensics as part of our inheritance science topic...

Thankyou to all our parents who joined us for the Year 6 open afternoon, we had great fun working with them in our Maths investigation!

Look how we made a time line with our Big Bang topic homework in both year 6 classes...

Year 6 Class Assemblies

6L - Thursday 19th March 2020 @ 2.40pm in the hall

6Y - Thursday 26th March 2020  @2.40pm in the hall

We look forward to sharing our Ancient Greek topic with you! 


'Grammar Toolkit' explained for Parents

If you would like to practise your spellings with on-line games, visit SPELLING FRAME and click on YEAR 5/6
If you would like to practise any maths skills with an on-line game, please visit MATHS FRAME - especially good for times tables!
There are lots more fun games to help you to learn on the Kids' Zone page! Take a look and have a go!