Building the skills and knowledge needed for life.

While the success of a school is about much more than academic results, a competent grasp of skills in reading, writing and maths is essential. Making progress in these core areas develops the confidence required for other learning and prepares pupils for their secondary education and life.

We’re proud to be getting things right at Manadon Vale. In the most recent academic assessments, we exceeded local and national averages for our numbers of pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. We also had more pupils than average achieving at a higher standard in these areas. In addition to this, our average scores in reading and maths were each above the local and national averages.

These achievements are a testament to the effort and enthusiasm of our teaching staff – as well of course to the fantastic work of our pupils. We’re confident that the energy and care we apply to our pupils’ learning will continue to be reflected in the results we achieve as a school.

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