A message from our governing body

I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Manadon Vale Primary School on behalf of all of the Governors.

Manadon Vale is a special place to learn, work and volunteer. We have children who are keen to learn, inspirational leadership, dedicated and exceptionally hard working staff and well-maintained buildings in spacious grounds.

As a Governing team, we have collective responsibility to set the school’s strategic vision and we play a vital role in improving school and pupil performance.

Our school’s vision is for every child ‘to be the best that they can be’. I believe that this is really important, but should not be measured purely in academic terms. Our children need to be safe, resilient, valued, inspired, creative and most importantly happy. As Governors, we have a responsibility to work with Mrs Gilbride, and the wider leadership team, to provide the best possible environment to ensure that this happens.

In 2016 we made the decision to become part of the Connect Multi-Academy Trust, which was a collection of five Plymouth Primary Schools, now 8 schools including 3 in Torbay.  This has allowed us to share our skills, experience and knowledge and to become stronger together.  Whilst we value the benefits of our collective strength, we also seek to ensure that the unique character of the school is maintained.

Should you have any questions or if you would like any further information on the governance of our school, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office.

Chair of Governors, Moira Wakeham

Vice Chair of Governors, John Pitt

Members of the Local Governing Body

  • Mrs Hayley Gilbride
Staff Governor
  • Mrs Vanessa Chidgey
  • Miss Sara Orchard
Parent Governors
  • Mr Tom Moore
  • Mrs Jody Gerry
  • Mrs Moira Wakeham
Community Governors
  • Mrs Tina Scott
  • Mr John Pitt
  • Mr Paul Burton
Clerk to Governors
  • Mr Nick Rich
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