In September, children from years 1-6 elected School Parliament members to represent their class.

Due to restrictions being lifted we were able to meet as a whole Parliament.

The Parliament Members elected a Prime Minister- Amelia and a Deputy Prime Minister- Sofie.

They also elected a secretary- Ben.

During the first meeting the Parliament members discussed projects they would like to undertake this year:

  • What can we do to protect our environment- in school and the wider community?
  • Improve mental health by making playtimes fun (Purchase of equipment/ training of play leads (something that Mr Williams will be organising)
  • Create some help guides such as a welcome pack to the school and 5 a day for your mental health
  • Fundraising
  • Calming room that can be accessed at lunchtimes.

The Parliament was then divided up and children chose a Committee to 'sit on'/ team they would work alongside over the coming terms.

Each Committee has started to formulate a plan that will enable them to reach their end goal.

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