At Manadon Vale, our pupils are taught about e-safety through various different methods. We use school assemblies, both whole school and Key Stage, alongside dedicated computing and PSHE sessions.

We currently use two main resources for teaching this important skill.

  • In Key Stage 1, we use the brand new resource from ThinkUKnow called Jessie & Friends.
  • In Key Stage 2, we use the fantastic resource called Be Internet Legends. This is produced by Google and Parent Zone, and the resources are also have accreditation from the PSHE Association.

Please see our useful resources for some links to useful e-safety information for parents.

Here is a reminder of the age restrictions on some of the more popular games and websites, often a surprise to parents!

Facebook 13+

Instagram 13+

Snapchat 13+

Tik-Tok 12+

Fortnite 12+

MineCraft 7+

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