School should be a positive place for everyone – not only the pupils but the staff too. We provide the right training, management and support to help our valued teaching teams to do what they do best.

Celebrating unique strengths

Each member of our team has a particular set of skills, interests and talents. We encourage these to be utilised for the benefit of our pupils, for example through extracurricular activities and clubs.

A culture of collaboration

Our staff and departments work constructively together to develop and deliver Manadon Vale’s curriculum and to help our school operate as one harmonious whole. This cooperative spirit is essential to our success.

Support and resources

It’s vital that every member of our staff is given the backing they need to perform at their best. We make sure that happens through regular training, supportive management and providing effective teaching resources.

Shared vision and values

Our staff are guided by the Manadon Vale values and our overall vision to take every opportunity to be the best that we can be. These ideas are passed down to our pupils and help bond us all as one positive school community.

What our staff say about Manadon Vale

"I chose Manadon Vale to work at because it is a friendly and supportive school, as well as we support the children not only academically but their mental wellbeing as well. We help support the whole child!"

Sarah Cavanagh
Pastoral Support Worker

"Manadon Vale Primary School is a very special place as we truly put the children at the heart of everything we do. All our staff work incredibly hard to create the loveliest of learning environments for our children based on trust and respect."

Heather Coulton
Class Teacher

"The family atmosphere, with happy children and adults. There is a true sense of belonging to something that is very special. We have the chance to grow as individuals and within teams and support each other along the way."

Staff Member

"I enjoy getting to work with all the children and help them to be the best they can be. I enjoy doing STAR group each playtime and getting to develop the children's social skills and confidence."

Sarah Cavanagh
Pastoral Support Worker

"Since being at Manadon Vale School, it has inspired me to take up swimming, I try and go for a swim once a week now to help with my physical and mental health!"

Sarah Cavanagh
Pastoral Support Worker

"I chose Manadon Vale because I was looking for a part-time teaching job after having my baby. I soon learnt of its excellent reputation and it became clear that everyone who had any dealings with the school, had such positive things to say."

Julie Butcher
Class Teacher
Working at Manadon Vale

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